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Category: Politics

Women and Children First?

Ukraine is evacuating its women and children, who are being given free transport to escape the Russian invasion. “Women and children first” is an axiom that’s almost universal across the planet. However, it’s not just a chivalrous instinct. Rather, it is a scientifically, mathematically logical choice whenever a community, country or species is faced with danger.

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Boxing is a mess. Who deserves the blame?

I love professional boxing. But there’s no doubt it’s been in decline for quite a while. Popularity is waning and the biggest boxing events seem to involve social media celebrities in exhibition matches. However, the root of the problem lies with the greedy sanctioning bodies, and their blatant money-grubbing schemes, that have devalued the very Championships they were supposed to…

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Why should we care about George Floyd?

After much rumination, I decided to make a short video presenting a libertarian centrist view on the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the trial of former Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Should we care about this situation? Does it affect us? What are the wider ramifications if we allow Police Officers, and other agents of the state, to…

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Am I an LGBT ally?

During LGBT History Month, I’ve been attending various social and educational events with colleagues from work. When they found out I wasn’t gay, they labelled me an “LGBT ally”. However, that description doesn’t sit well with me, because of what I perceive to be the expectations they have for LGBTQ+ allies (aka “the gender-sexuality alliance”). And I wanted to explain…

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A British passport does NOT make me British

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people in the UK who consider themselves to be “British” has gone up dramatically since Brexit. And recently the government offered more than 5 million people from Hong Kong the opportunity to become British citizens. Which is an offer that was long overdue. However, does having a British passport define…

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Why I HATE (some) Vegans

Eid Mubarak!! On this day, when a billion Muslims celebrate by violently slaughtering tens of millions of animals, I wanted to tell you about my “journey” as a Muslim vegan. And why, despite being vegan myself, I really can’t stand a lot of other vegans. In particular, “Ethical Vegan” activists, who have turned their lifestyle choice into a religion –…

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