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US East Coast 2010

In October 2010 I moved to New York City for work, and over the next six months got to know the area reasonably well. I also got to experience one of the most amazing snowstorms in living memory, which left me trapped in my Queens hotel for almost a week! The experience left me shocked at just how empty and poorly produced US TV news can be – especially in comparison to the BBC!

Anyway, I was far from home, but regularly heading back once or twice a month so never got homesick. In fact, I was itching to cast my net a little wider and explore more of the East Coast – in particular New England. So I invited over some of my close family for a long weekend and planned a few excursions to see famous sights in NYC and further up the eastern coast. It was also a great opportunity to revisit a few things I’d seen last time around and explore parts of New York I hadn’t yet gotten to see properly.

New York City

New England

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