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Month: May 2011

Grand Canyon 2011

If you’re spending a week or so in Vegas then you’ve really got no legitimate excuse not to visit the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Especially as there are cheap bus tours setting off on a daily basis. A few things to keep in mind, however, before you jump in with both feet: This won’t be a luxury day…

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Las Vegas 2011

I only knew three things about Las Vegas: It’s known as Sin City (and for good reason). It’s where all the biggest boxing matches happen. It’s also home to the greatest entertainers in the world. Obviously, I had to go and see it as soon as the opportunity arose. But I didn’t want to just do what every other tourist…

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Oakland 2011

The main focus of my visit to the San Francisco bay area was to see the usual tourist sites and do some freestyle exploration. I was only using Oakland as a base because it was cheaper to stay in a clean, decent hotel there and commute to SF by BART. And with my germaphobia and cleanliness obsession, staying in decent…

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San Francisco 2011

While living in Los Angeles, it was inevitable I was going to find my way to San Francisco eventually. Everyone thinks Hollywood is the showbiz capital of the world, but I knew better. The San Francisco area is home to many, many celebrities, including fellow Villa fan Tom Hanks, and my personal comedy hero Robin Williams. It’s also home to…

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