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A British passport does NOT make me British

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people in the UK who consider themselves to be “British” has gone up dramatically since Brexit. And recently the government offered more than 5 million people from Hong Kong the opportunity to become British citizens. Which is an offer that was long overdue. However, does having a British passport define…

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My Fancy New Wristwatch

I’ve been away a couple of months due to work, but I’m back with something quite special – an exquisite piece of precision engineering. I wanted to get a Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Skyhawk A-T, with my preference being the RAF Red Arrows Edition. I couldn’t find the exact one I wanted within my price range. Luckily the American version –…

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Vlogging: Alternatives to Camera Cage and Tripod Ball Head

If you’re a Vlogger then you probably want a Camera Cage and a Tripod / Monopod with Ball Head. Unfortunately, camera cages can be very expensive and are specific to particular models of camera. And ball heads are annoying because they’re flimsy and difficult to set up correctly. Luckily, there are alternatives. This week I look at the Ulanzi PT-3…

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Ingenious USB cables for charging and data transfer

It’s been a couple of weeks… and I’m back to talk about USB cables. I’ve bought three quirky and different kinds of charging cable from Amazon. It’s much more interesting than you might think. And even if it isn’t, at least it’ll be a short video! 🙂 For this week’s episode of Tech Tuesdays, I check out a multi-output USB…

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Rugged Waterproof Solar Chargers for Phones and Cameras

For a while now, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of owning a rugged and waterproof solar power bank. As someone who travels often, it seems like the perfect companion to keep my smartphone and action cameras topped up with full battery power while I’m out and about. I imagined they’d be an upgrade on my current small and limited…

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Vlogging Tools: Waterproof Light and GoPro Cage

I’ve received two items in the post this week – both of them related to Vlogging. The first is a small waterproof, rugged Vlogging light by Ulanzi called the L1. It’s a big upgrade from my existing LED light, which isn’t very sturdy. My second purchase was a Vlogging cage for my GoPro Hero5 Session. Produced by Soonsun, this Vlogging…

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