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Month: September 2020

Five Rules for YouTube Success (that I never follow myself!)

As someone who works in Marketing, and specialises in digital communications, I’m well versed in the rules for achieving YouTube success. I know what it takes to make your videos and your channel successful. Today, I’m sharing with you the TOP FIVE MOST IMPORTANT RULES FOR YOUTUBE CREATORS. Strangely, I never seem to follow those rules myself! And I explain…

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Insect Vacuum (Bug Catcher) Review

The recent UK heatwave meant I had my windows open continuously – letting all manner of bugs, insects and spiders sneak into the house. As a semi-devout vegan, I can’t bring myself to squish them. So, instead I ordered an Insect Vacuum (Bug Catcher). Order one here… Amazon UK: Amazon US: TRANSCRIPT 0:00:04.319,0:00:10.400Whatup nerds? I’m Jay Shareef.Welcome to…

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