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Portable video storage: HDD vs SSD

Photographers, Videographers, YouTubers, Musicians create a lot of creative content. And it all needs to be stored somewhere. Things are harder for Travel Vloggers who need somewhere to store their footage before it can be edited. Laptops usually have limited space and files take a long time to upload to Cloud storage even if you have fast internet – which Travel Vloggers usually don’t!

The obvious solution is portable storage drives (also known as portable USB hard drives). There are thousands to choose from, and in this video I test five of them. I look at the benefits of SSD vs HDD, read speed vs. write speed, price per Terabyte, and ruggedness / waterproofing. Is it better to buy the cheaper slower HDDs instead of fast expensive SDDs? And what’s the size and weight difference between the different options?

Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD:
WD My Passport SSD:
LaCie Rugged Mini HDD:
Samsung M3 HDD:
Silicon Power Bolt B75 SSD:


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