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Hong Kong 2012

I didn’t really visit Hong Kong. I just had a 12-hour layover on my way to Malaysia, and thought I’d make the most of it by doing a little bit of sightseeing. I’d packed my camera in my luggage and didn’t have access to it. (Rookie mistake!!) So only managed to take just a handful of pictures with my phone…

The Peak Tower. Hong Kong.
The Peak Tower. Hong Kong.
St. John's Cathedral. Hong Kong.
St. John’s Cathedral. Hong Kong.
Top of the Peak looking down on Victoria Harbour
Top of the Peak looking down on Victoria Harbour

All I really knew about Hong Kong was that it used to belong to the British – who had some 99 year lease – that it’s full of skyscrapers and it’s where Nick Leeson worked before he brought down Barings Bank! I also remember watching the handover ceremony on TV in 1997, as the last Governor of Hong Kong officially transferred the territory back to China. However, it’s nothing like mainland China. In many ways the place hasn’t really changed I’m told. How long it retains its unique character and status though… who knows.

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