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Cheap vs. Expensive Vlogging Mics

If you want good audio while Vlogging, then you could try and find a camera with excellent internal mics. However, the only guaranteed way to get great audio for your Vlogs is to use an external microphone. There are a lot of choices from budget mics to expensive professional options.

I decided to check out whether a cheap Vlogging microphone under $20 / £20 can compete with a $90 / £70 RØDE microphone. I tested the ultra-cheap Sairen Nano (by Ulanzi) against the RØDE Videomic Go – a larger version of the RØDE VideoMicro. I also compared them to the mid-priced Moukey MCM-1. None of these mics require a battery. All of them are mono but deliver two-channel audio.

RØDE Videomic Go:
RØDE VideoMicro:
Moukey MCM-1:
Sairen Nano:


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