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Month: August 2020

First time Vlogging with the DJI Osmo Action

I’ve done a couple tech reviews looking at three-axis gimbals in the last month. While they always provided silky-smooth video footage, that came at a cost. They’re heavy and make your arms ache if you use them for longer than a few minutes at a time. However, there is an alternative… maybe. And it’s called “Rocksteady” by DJI. It’s the…

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Building the Perfect Vlogging rig for under $400 / £300

I’ve travelled to almost fifty different countries (click here to see where I’ve been). I used to take lots of photos and blog about my experiences. What I should have been doing is making videos! Now that we’re slowly easing out of the pandemic lockdown, I’ve decided to start making travel Vlogs. However, to do that properly, you will need…

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