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Birmingham Summer Funfair

During the summer holidays, British kids are home from school for 6 weeks or more! The challenge all parents have is keeping them entertained. Luckily, many different funfair operators set up around Birmingham during July and August.

We went to the Robert Wilkinson Family Funfair at Pype Hayes Park instead of Digbeth Funfair as it was supposed to be a little quieter and had lots of nearby parking. The only downside for us here was that Digbeth Funfair is free to enter, whereas this one charged a per person fee to come inside. The choice of rides was quite good though. Sadly, my camera battery ran out after the girls went on just three rides, but you should get an idea of everything else that was there. The funfair is basically a mini theme park full of rides, activities and plenty of junk food!


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